LPR Camera Project

Currently there are multiple licence plate recognition (LPR) camera points covering main exits and entrances of the city bowl residential areas. They are already showing massive value and success.

Our intelligence gathering, information sharing with SAPS, strategic patrolling and targeted responses have all increased massively due to these cameras. Some of the highlights are:

  • Burglar crews identified via LPR and some arrested on re-entering the area.
  • Positively identifying the vehicles involved in a muggings and some promptly arrested on re-entering the area.
  • Chasing hijackers out the area on several occasions.
  • Bag snatcher crews arrested.
  • Positively identifying the suspects involved in a bank following and subsequent armed robbery.

We are now generating a wealth of information such as the above whereas we would otherwise have very vague descriptions of what to look out for. This information is also shared with the other LPR Camera users across the greater city area allowing for a mammoth pool of information. Making us all work a lot smarter!

This video will show you exactly how the entire system works:

Watch this video to see what happened when an sms alert went out to the response team of another neighbourhood watch:

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Call Watchcom for emergencies in the Cape Town City Bowl area only.
All calls are recorded and monitored.

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ADT: 086 1212 300

CBAR: 0860 15 15 15

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