Joining OH Watch connects you with a community of local residents who care about the safety and security of each other and the neighbourhood as a whole.

Verified membership gives you access to our private, location-based WhatsApp groups, where crime information is relayed between our official communication channels and your observant neighbours.

Watchcom control room (a security hub for the City Bowl sponsored by Fidelity ADT and Remax) and CBAR control room, as well as several SAPS, Law Enforcement and emergency medical personnel are members of these WhatsApp groups.

For those wishing to assist with neighbourhood duties or volunteer any skills to assist us, please note that all volunteers are registered members of OH Watch.


We have divided OH Watch into 6 areas, indicated on the map. According to your address, we will add you to the corresponding Whatsapp group where we encourage members to share crimes and suspicious behaviour.

If you want to get more involved in our response to incidents, you may request to be added to more groups.

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